“Amour Chanteur” Bouret Eutrope

(Paris 1833 - 1906)


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Beautiful large bronze of a singing cupid. He streches is arm in the air and looks up while singing. A mandoline is hanging from his shoulder in his back. Wonderful chasing and details. Beautidul patina in great condition. Signed on the terrace and marked for the famous founder Pinèdo in Paris.

Size: H 77cm 

Lit: Bouret exhibited in the Salon of Paris from 1875 till 1903. He achieved some success and had models casted in bronze. To name a few: “Au clair de la Lune”, “At the circus”, “Egyptian lady” and “Diane”.

Lit: Pinèdo, Artistic bronze and furniture company, was first directed by the father around 1850, then by the son, who was also a sculptor in 1865 under the name “Émile Pinèdo fils”. This house, originally located at 25 rue de Bretagne, will have several addresses in Paris (25 rue de Bretagne before 1850; in 1855, L. Pinèdo moved to 110 rue Saint-Louis au Marais; he succeeded his father in 1865; in 1905, the foundry moved to the 137 rue Vieille du Temple in the Marais district, then 18 on Boulevard du Prince Eugène and 49 Rue de Bondy. It will continue its activity until the 1930s. From 1880 the name of the establishment became Pinèdo (without mention of a first name) and could be found at 40 boulevard du Temple. Pinèdo participated in the Chicago Exhibition in 1893 where he presented works that caught the public’s attention because of the quality of their polychrome patinas.

In stock

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