Are you selling? We’re buying!

We regularly buy from people who come to our gallery with objects and paintings to sell or during home appraisals. To make an appointment, please fill in this form.

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Consignment and sale

We are able to take in consignment works of art to offer them for sale in our gallery. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this.

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Appraisals and estimates

Do you wish to identify a work or know its value? You want to share a collection or an estate within your family and you need an expert to value it?

Estimate in person or by e-mail

To get a first opinion on one or a limited number of pieces, you can :

  • Go to our gallery with the piece or good photos (even digital) and we will give you an idea of the market value based on the information we have.
  • Send us one or more photos to .

This activity is free of charge (depending on the degree of difficulty).

In the case of a collection or an estate for sale, we will come to you free of charge to make a purchasing proposal.

Appraisal reports

We apply the following fee for the written appraisal of objects of modest value:

  • an hourly rate is applied: 180 € for the first hour, 90 € for the following hours (each hour started will be charged in full). A 2% surcharge on the taxable value with a minimum of €180 on the portion below €50,000.
  • For values between € 50,000 and € 250,000
    • +1% on the taxable value.
    • +0.50% on the assessed value above € 250,000.
      (in case of purchase or sale mandate, these costs are not applied)
    • Travelling expenses 0,70 € / km, Accommodation expenses, to be agreed with a minimum of 180 €.
    • Any scientific analysis will be charged to the client.
    • Service subject to Belgian VAT. (21%)

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Advice on restoration

We regularly undertake the restoration of works, objects and paintings for our clients. Our experience allows us to quickly assess what needs to be done and the budget involved. Do not hesitate to come and meet us in our gallery with your questions.

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