As a member of the Royal Chamber of Antique Dealers and Art Dealers of Belgium, L’Egide guarantees its honorability and competence. L’Egide Antiques undertakes to refrain from any act that would be likely to undermine its professional honour.

L’Egide Antiques undertakes to comply scrupulously with the spirit and the letter of the following ethical code. 

1. Practice of the profession in accordance with the law and the duty of care.

L’Egide Antiques undertakes to exercise its profession with the necessary expertise and diligence and in compliance with the laws and regulations in force. This concern in particular the possession of stolen, looted or illegally exported cultural property, fair trade practices and consumer protection.

2. Expertise and competence. 

L’Egide Antiques will make continuous efforts to maintain its level of expertise and competence in the practice of its profession in general and in its field of specialization.

3. Combating the illegal trade and export of cultural property

4. Fight against money laundering.

L’Egide Antiques rigorously respects any legal obligations regarding the fight against money laundering that may apply to antique dealers and art dealers. In general, they undertake not to take part in any transaction that they would reasonably suspect to be a money laundering operation.

5. Compliance with the duty of discretion

L’Egide Antiques shall respect the confidentiality required by its position and profession. It shall use information obtained in the exercise of its profession in a discreet and responsible manner. Any confidential information will only be communicated with the explicit agreement of the person concerned.

6. Authenticity and state of preservation

L’Egide Antiques will use all reasonable means to ensure the authenticity of the objects it offers for sale, in accordance with the standards specific to its fields of specialization and according to the knowledge in force at the time of the transaction.

7. Duty to provide information

L’Egide undertakes – without prejudice to the duty of discretion imposed on it – to provide its potential buyers with all information enabling them to establish the material and legal situation of the objects sold.