“Kabyle coming back from the hunt”, Arthur Waagen

(Memel1833- Paris 1898)


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Beautiful large bronze entitled “The Kabyle hunter coming back from the hunt. Sculpture featuring a Berber tribesman mounted on a horseback, surrounded by hunting dogs. Dark patina. Beautiful chasing. Signed on the terrace for the artist and mark of the founder Louis Martin. 

Size: H 70cm x W 30cm x D 22cm

French/ German school

Lit: Arthur Waagen was born in Memel (East Prussia) but is considered a French school in literature, having made his career in Paris. Little is known about his life. He was a pupil of the sculptor Christian Daniel Rauch who had created a school in Prussia, whose most famous pupils were August Kiss and Friedrich Drake. He settled in Paris where he created numerous works with French titles. He specialized in animal and oriental sculptures. He participated in the Salon and exhibited works there between 1869 and 1887. At the 1869 Salon, he presented a plaster group entitled “Faisans”. At the 1870 Salon, he presented two bronze statuettes: “The Oracle of the Flowers” and “The Return from the Fields”. “A Vandal” in plaster at the 1887 Salon. His most famous work is “The Kabyle Hunter Returning from the Hunt”(1869); edited by L. Martin. The Dahesh Museum in New York houses an cast.

In stock

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