Little pot-pourri with coral and flowers, Jacob Petit à Paris

(Circa 1830-1850)

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Precious little cup, pot-pourri in porcelain. The handles and piedouche imitate the coral, the basket and cover are decorated with little flowers and the base is in rocaille style. This is pure Jacob Petit! In excellent condition, this is a real “curiosity”. The cover has small holes to let the smell of the pot-pourri or perfume evaporate. But it could easily be used for small jewelry or rings. Marked J.P. in blue under the glaze. Great condition.

Size: H 16 cm with the cover – W 16cm – P 13cm

Literature: Jacob Petit (1796-1868) owned one of the most important and well-known porcelain factories in France, becoming one of the major producers of Rococo ornamental ware during the 1830s. At the 1834 Paris Exhibition, the work of Petit showed his genius for inventing numerous and varied new shapes, revolutionizing the porcelain industry. He was imitated throughout Europe and his name was given to a Rococo Revival style that reflected the many different influences on Petit’s designs.

Out of stock

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