Pair of gilt bronze mounted ” Jardinieres” urns, Sèvres style

(Late 19th century)

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Beautiful pair of porcelain “jardinières” urns, mounted on gilt bronze. Celeste Blue ground with, on one side, angles sitting on a cloud with flowers and musique instruments. On the other sides, representations of the godess Euterpe, Greek Muse presiding over music or lyric poetry, sitting in clouds with her attributes and an angle. Music papers, oboes and other instruments are often arranged with her. By these attributes, she expresses how the arts are charming for those who cultivate them. The lyre symbolizes “the journey of discovering and expressing the harmony of the cosmos”. On the other urn, the godess Erato, Muse of lyrical and erotic poetry. She is often accompanied by Eros and she always has a small musical instrument. Nice quality of paintings. Excellent condition and beautiful gilding.

Size: H 20cm -diameter: 20cm

French work of the late 19th century in the 18th Sèvres style.

Out of stock

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