“Rebecca” Leroux Gaston

(Paris 1854-1942)


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Beautiful oriental water bearer. She is holding a jar of water on her head and has one hand on her hip. She is stepping down what appears the be stairs near a well. Signed on the terrace. Nice quality and sheen.

Size: H 74 cm

French school of the late 19th century.

Lit: Leroux Gaston is an orientalist sculpture, He send regularly at the Salon from 1882 and mostly bronzes like “Premier bain” (first bath) in 1887, “Bust of Othello” in 1888, “Jeune Charmeur de Serpent” (young snake whisperer) in 1889. Some were in terracotta like “Egyptienne” (Egyptian) in 1883. Amongst his bronze editions are worth to mention “Aida”, “Guerrier arabe” (Arabic warrior), “Jeune fille arabe” (young Arabic girl) and “Rebecca”.

In stock

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