Surtout, Hunter and dogs in French porcelain

(Late 19th century)


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Large group of hunter and his dogs forming a table top or flower jar thanks to the hollow tree trunk. In the style and following the model of an 8-piece Sèvres biscuit surtout, on the theme of hunting. Sèvres produced it for the first and only time in the 18th century for Louis XVI, there were several sets redone in the 19th century, notably for the Duke of Aumale in 1847, based on the creations of animal painter Jean-Baptiste Oudry. This large surtout is in glazed polychrome porcelain. Very decorative. In very good condition,

Size: H 37cm – L 25 cm – P 35 cm

Parisian manufacture at the end of the 19th century.

In stock

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