“The Jelewry box” by STEVENS Agapit

(Brussels 1848 - Watermael-Boitsfort 1924)


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Large portrait of a young oriental woman sitting on a sofa, head resting on a large pillow, hands sensually in the air to try on jewels. On her lap, a round silk Chinese hand fan, next to her, a red jewel box with pearls hanging out of it ( two elements that the painter loves to include in his interiors and compositions). She has curly hair, light skin tone and wears a silk green skirt with a scarf on top, a large necklace, bangles and bracelets. She has a penetrating, seductive look. A large bouquet of roses on the left, a column and some light drapery on the background. Signed lower right. Original gilt frame.

Size: H 100 cm x W 65cm – H 140cm x W 103cm

Belgian School.

Lit: Agapit Stevens, born in Brussels, was a painter of women portraits, compositions, landscapes and urban views. He exhibited  at the “Exposition Générale des Beaux-Arts” in Brussels in 1884. Some of his work has been showed  on the “ Cent Ans de ‘Art à Ixelles” exhibition in 1963. He is often considered as an orientalist. Works in the museum of Ixelles.

In stock

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