Von Rentzell August

(Marienwerder 1810 - Berlin 1891)

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Animated view of the lake Achensee in Tyrol titled “Hol Uber”. A farmer’s boy calls for the ferry to the opposite shore of the lake. Next to him a farmer’s wife with baskets and a little calf as well as bundles of brushwood. On the right side a lady sitting on a white horse, with an umbrella, waiting for the ferry to come. Beautiful romantic view over the mountains. The rainy atmosphere is exectued in a brilliant technique, as are the rain-soaked planks of the bank. On the opposite bank roofs and church tower of a village in the fog. A cheerful aspect is added to the picture by the young farmer’s wife’s look at the rider waiting in shock. The slightly humorous trait in this painting is a typical feature of the Prussian court painter, who was highly praised for this in his time. Oil on canvas signed lower right and on the back side’s lower left side original old sticker with the inscription: ” Hol über! (rainy weather). Antique frame.

Size: H 66cm x W 97cm – H 100cm x W 130 cm

German School

Lit: Born in 1810 in Marienwerder, Von Rentzell is a genre and portrait painter. Painter of the Berlin Academy where he will be the pupil of Begas, Wach and Krüger. He will study in Dusseldorf as well. He will exhibit in those 2 cities from 1832. Several paintings by the artist in museums in Altenburg, in Berlin (National Gallery) and Stettin in Germany.


Out of stock

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