“Allegory of study” pendulum clock, Boursier in Paris



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Beautiful clock “the study”. A putto reading and presumably writing in a book, with another book at his feet, refers to the act of studying. The rooster represents the necessity of an alert and sharp mind. Gilt bronze and white marble. Enamel dial signed by the clockmaker “Boursier à Paris, élève de Lepaute” (clockmaker to the king). Beautiful gilt bronze pearls around the dial and around the base of the clock. Four toupee feet. Beautifully restore, the movement revised and working.

Size: H 29 cm x W 31 cm x D 13 cm

Paris, circa 1830.

Lit: Boursier established himself in 1812, rue Saint-Martin. He is mentioned “rue des Vieux Augustins” from 1840 until 1860.
This model of clock has been made in porcelain by Meissen as well, based on the French model.

In stock

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