Inkwell in Boulle marquetry, France

Napoleon III period

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Delicate inkwell with penholder in Boulle marquetry. Red tortoiseshell and brass inlays. Nice gilt bronze with a mask and on each corner a sphinge’s bust on feet. Two wells for the ink. Professionally restored. Great condition. This statement piece is magnificent on a desk.

Size: H 10 cm x W 35 cm x D 25 cm

France, Napoléon III period.

Lit: Boulle marquetry involves inlaying brass and tortoiseshell into panels of ebony. This technique born in the 17th century required meticulous precision, as the motifs had to be cut and fitted with extreme accuracy. The result was a work of art that seemed almost magical, with its play of light and shimmering reflections.

Out of stock

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