“Market in Venice” by Verbrugge Emile

(Bruges 1856- Weerde 1936)

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Beautiful and colorful market scene. Men are in a conversation while weighing fruit. The young man seems to be South American. In the back, more people buying their groceries. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right.

Size: H 96cm x W 73cm – H 100cm x W 77cm

Belgian School of the late 19th century.

Lit: Emile Verbrugg(h)e is a luminist, painter of landscapes, city views and interior scenes. Pupil at the Academy in Bruges, Antwerp (C. Verlat) and Brussels (J. Portaels). Second price of Rome in 1880 et First Price of Rome in 1883, the scholarship will allow him to travel during 3 years in the South of Europe and North-Afrika. Works in the Groeningemuseum of Bruges.

Out of stock

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