“Minerva”, Meissen bisque figure

Circa 1778


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Rare and elegant antique figure of the goddess of the war, Minerva. She is naked under her antique drapery and is presented with her attributes, the shield and helmet. She holds the rod of Aesculapius in one hand. Greek base. Model by Gottfried Jüchtzer (active 1769-1812) in 1778. Marked in the paste with the crossed swords and model number. Rare piece.

Size: H 21 cm – diameter of the base 7 cm

Meissen manufactory, 18th century, circa 1778.

Lit: The same Minerva bisque figure in the H. Lloyd Hawkins Jr collection, New Orleans Museum of Art.
In the 18th century, Meissen has made several high-quality bisque mythological figures and group, on the same type of base. They are often copied from antique sculptures and marbles. They were designed for the classically educated 18th century aristocrats.

In stock

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