Openworked Basket held by angels, bleu ground, Faber in Brussels

(Circa 1830)

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Exquisite openworked basket in bisque and porcelain held by angels. Oval shaped with angels kneeling down with their quiver and holding the top piece on their heads. The figures are in bisque. Refined whites, beautiful gold decorations that are partly engraved with the “reticule” pattern, beautiful bleu mat ground; pure empire style. Great condition.

Size: H 30cm x W 32cm x D 16cm

Designed by the talented Charles Christophe Windish, produced by the manufactory of Ixelles, circa 1830.

Lit: Those rare and elegant pieces were made by Frédéric Faber and Charles Christophe Windish when they associated their know-hows and created the Manufactory of XL I in 1824. Windish was fantastic creator and drawer of porcelain models. From French origins, he already had worked with the best Parisian manufactories. Their collaboration stopped at the Belgian Independence in 1830. 

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