Stunning pair of three tier dessert stands, Feuillet in Paris

(Circa 1825)


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Rare pair of tripod three tier dessert stands. Held by two angels in gilt bisque. Fantastic quality of whites, painted gilt decorations. Tall. Great condition. 

Dim: H 42cm – diam: 22cm

Parisian decorator Jean-Pierre Feuillet, on white forms most likely bought from Darte Frères in Paris where the designer Charles Christophe Windish was active at that time. Circa 1825.

Lit: Son of the pastry chef for the prince de Condé, Jean-Pierre Feuillet (1777-1840) learned to paint at the school founded by the prince at his chateau outside of Paris in Chantilly. On 20th July 1814 Feuillet settles in Paris as one of the first porcelain decorators on the rue de la Paix, under the protection of the prince. Feuillet gained a reputation as one of the best porcelain decorators in the city. His suppliers of white porcelain were always of high quality, including names like Nast and the Darte Frères. He was well known for his Alpine scenes and the quality of his gilding. At his death in 1840, Jean Boyer took over his workshop and continued in the same spirit.

In stock

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