“Tête à tête”, Helena Wolfsohn (1843-1883) in Dresden


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Beautiful « tete à tete » set decorated by Helena Wolfsohn’s studio in Dresden. Painted in the 18th century Meissen manner with seascapes. Complete set with a large tray, coffeepot, a milk jug, a covered sugar bowl, two covered cups with saucers and a spoon. The whites are the 18th century Meissen model. The tray bears the AR mark and the coffeepot, milk jar and sugar bowl are marked for the authentic Meissen manufactory. Excellent condition. Very decorative ensemble.

Size: tray W 46 cm x L 34 cm – coffeepot is H 21 cm – covered cups are H 10cm – diameter of the saucers is 13,5 cm

Helena Wolfsohn studio in Dresden, 1879-1883.

Lit: Helena Wolfsohn (1843-1883) was a decorator on porcelain based in Dresden. She took over the company started by her father, originally under the name of L. Meyer & Sohne in 1843. The company used a wide array of blanks from different other manufactories. From 1879 onwards the business also frequently copied the ‘A.R.’ (Augustus Rex) mark which was the first mark of the Meissen manufactory. Meissen instantly appealed for court intervention, and it took until 1883 before the studio was forced to stop using that mark. Instead of stopping to use the mark, it was changed slightly all the time as to make it more difficult for the court to decide; the AR with the arrow pointing upwards is one of the examples used around 1880. The workshop shot down in 1883.

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