T’Scharner Théodore

(Namur 1826- Furnes 1906)

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Large autumn landscape animated with a shepherd and his flock of sheep on a tree-lined path. Interesting perspective that plunges the eye into the centre of the painting. Melancholic atmosphere where we can guess a sun on the horizon trying to pierce through the clouds. This canvas fits perfectly in the work of the painter influenced by the Barbizon and the Tervuren school. Oil on canvas signed lower right. Beautiful original frame.

Size: H 115cm x W 90cm – H 155cm x W 130cm

Belgian school of the 2nd half of the 19th century.

Bed: T’Scharner is an impressionist painter, watercolourist and aquafortist of landscapes, seascapes and beach scenes. Student at the Namur Academy, he travels to Italy and the United States. He works in the region of Spa, in Campine in De Panne and Veurne. His landscapes are meditative and melancholic, this beach views are beautiful and his compositions are dominated by magnificent skies. Founding member of the Free Society of Fine Arts in 1868. Close to the Tervuren school, he collaborates with other painters such as Coosemans, Isidore Verheyden, Edouard Huberti and Alphonse Asselbergs. Works at the Museums of Mons, Brussels, Namur and Spa and the McMullen Museum of Art in Boston.

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