(Paris 1839 - 1888)

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Oil on canvas. “Retour de promenade”. An elegant lady at her doorstep with her dog, a Boxer breed, coming home from a walk. Classic architectural elements of the 19th century. Finely painted with lots of details in the authentic style of the artist. Signed and dated 1876.

Size: H 40cm x W 32cm – H 60cm x W 53cm

French School of the 19th century.

Litt. : Camille-Léopold Cabaillot-Lassalle, born in Paris in 1839 is genre painter. Camille-Léopold worked in the great tradition of the 17th century Dutch school of genre and interior scenes painting. Son of Louis Simon Cabaillot, Camille studied first under his father and then under Pierre Edouard Frère (1819-1886), whose representations of the incidents of daily life earned him popular acclaim. Camille exhibited regularly at the Salon from 1864 till 1888. His masterpiece is presented in 1874, a large oil on canvas representing elegant women visiting THE SALON OF 1879 itself, with in the background actual paintings that were presented that same year. The genius idea resided in letting the authentic painters PAINT their small size works! As reported by the magazine “La Fantasie Parisienne”, great artist like Henriette Browne, Jean-Baptiste Corot, Gustave Achille Guillaumet, Léon Richet and Jules Jacques Veyrassat agreed to this innovative and charming project! In 1879, he will again represent an animated view of the salon.

Other works by the artist : “Woman in the Garden” (1873) , “At the Bird Seller’s” (1873) and”A Railway carriage” (1878).

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