Van Regemorter Ignatius Josephus

(Antwerp 1785 - 1873)


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Beautiful animated river landscape. Several ladies at the water, washing their laundry. A couple with a dog and a caw is about to cross the little bridge. The sun lights the scene from the left side. Nice reflection in the water. On the right, a farm with some figures and a donkey. Oil on panel. Signed lower left. Original frame.

Size: H 65cm x W 76cm – H 91cm x W 101 cm

Belgian School of the first part of the 19th century.

Lit: Ignatius Josephus van Regemorter was a Flemish historical, landscape, and genre painter and engraver, born at Antwerp in 1785. He studied under his father, Petrus Johannes and B-P Ommeganck. He will paint some 17th century style humoristic scenes and scenes of artist’s lives. He will improve his art in Paris and The Hague, Antwerp, Brussels, and Ghent. Professor of J. Ruyten and G. Wappers. He died in Antwerp in 1873.

Works of the artist in museums in Antwerp, Brussels, Munich and Amsterdam (Rijksmuseum).

In stock

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