Large cartel clock, Louis XIV style

19th century


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Large black and brown Boulle marquetry and gilt bronze cartel clock in the Louis XIV style. Goddess Athena in gilt bronze on top, the three fades in the front. Beautiful marquetry depicting birds, butterflies, horses and foliage in brown tortoise shell and brass. Gilt bronze mounts ending in women’s busts. Dial in gilt bronze and enamel plates for the roman numbers with, in the center of the dial, a rooster in a pagoda. Professionally restored, the clock has been revised.

Size: H 106cm x W 43cm x D 19cm

Paris, second part of the 19th century.

Lit: The Fates (Moirae) were the spinners of the thread of life, determining the span of human life of every mortal from birth to death. The Fates were the personifications of destiny. There were three Fates in Greek and Roman mythologies: Clotho or Nona (Roman mythology), the spinner, was the youngest of the three Fates; she spun the thread of destiny with a distaff, determining the time of birth of an individual. Lachesis or Decima (Roman mythology) measured the thread length to determine the length of life. Finally, cruel Atropos or Morta (Roman mythology) cut the thread of life, determining this way the time of death.

In stock

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