Large pair of bleu porcelain vases attrib Darte Frères in Paris

(Circa 1820)

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Beautiful pair of vases with deep kobalt blue grounds and interior scenes. Very qualitative golden decorations. Handles with lionheads medals in gild biscuit. Amazing condition.

Size: H 41cm – base 12cm x 12cm

Attributed to the manufactory of Darte Frères in Paris, Charles X period, circa 1820.

Lit: Darte in Paris is one of the prestigious porcelain manufactories of Paris. There were three Darte brothers, Joseph (1765-1832), Louis Joseph (1766-1843) and Jean François (1768-1834). In 1795 they pursued a venture in porcelain and bought a factory in Paris, located at 3 rue de Charonne. The three brothers opened a shop at the Palais Royal, under the direction of Jean François. In 1804, they separated amicably and each carried his part of utensils and porcelains. The brothers Louis Joseph and Jean François found a new company, thus retaining the name of Darte Frères and moved to rue de la Roquette, while Joseph Darte remained under “Darte Ainé in Paris” and moved to rue de Popincourt . This is the only signature of Darte that can be attributed with certainty to the manufacture of the rue de Popincourt. The factory will operate for nearly 15 years and there is very little porcelain bearing this mark today. The style is of both manufactories is decidedly the same. Joseph will sell the factory to François Gérard Discry on April 30, 1822.


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