“L’Attente”, Médard Tytgat, dated 1909


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A naked woman dozes on a bed in a beautiful interior, “L’attente”. Signed and dated 1909. Mixed media on paper, pencil drawing, watercolour and gouache.

Size: H 70cm x W 90 cm with frame

Belgian School of Art Nouveau.

Lit : Médard Tytgat was born in Bruges on 8 February 1871, in a family of seven children of Maximilien Tytgat and Léonie François. He would have followed an artistic training at the Bruges Academy of Fine Arts with Eugeen Legendre. From 1890 to 1894 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels with Jan Portaels. In 1901 he participated in the Prix de Rome for painting. He married Jeanne Gossiaux, with whom he had three children between 1894 and 1897: Virginie, Siegfried and Elsa. In addition to painting portraits, figures, nudes and landscapes, he designed posters and made lithography. Works at the Brussels City Hall. He exhibited a painting, “L’Altesse”, at the Brussels Triennial in 1914. He also exhibited in Liege, Ghent and Paris at the “Salon des lndépendants”. He is a founding member of the famous Brussels artistic circle “Labeur”. He died in Brussels in 1948.

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