Musin François

(Ostende 1820 – Saint-Josse-ten-Noode 1888)

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Beautiful seascape depicting the boarding of double-deckers vessels from the Netherlands, near the harbour of a city of Northern Europe. Historical seascape. Oil on canvas, signed lower left. Original frame.

Size: H 80cm x W 52cm – H 112 cm x W 85cm

Belgian School of the 19th century.

Liter. : Painter and watercolourist of seascapes and river landscapes. Student of F. Bossuet, student at the Academy of Ostend and Brussels. Begins successfully at de Salon of Antwerp in 1840. Travelled and participated in numerous exhibitions in Europe and America until 1888. Often resided in London (1846-49). He moved to Saint-Josse-ten-Noode around 1860. He represented romantic nautical scenes, then evolved into a more realistic style (beach scenes) from 1865. He married the flower painter M.-C. Gosselin who will give him a son, Auguste, also a talented painter.

A masterpiece by the artist is a series of 8 views of Ostend made for the emperor William I around 1853 for the palace of Sanssouci in Postdam (Germany).

Works by Musin are kept in many museums: Brussels, Ixelles, Knokke-Heist, Blankenberge, Ostende, Kortrijk, Liège, Ypres, La Panne, Anvers, Reims, Compiègne, Nice, Bournemouth, Bristol, Sheffield, Greenwich, Madrid, Montreal, etc.

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