Orion and the scorpion pendulum clock

CHarles X period

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Beautiful figurative pendulum clock representing a scene from Greek mythology: Orion being stung by a scorpion. Fire-gilded and patinated bronze. Silver dial with Roman numerals. String suspension. Paris, circa 1830. Has been cleaned and revised by a clockmaker.

Size: H 50cm x W 35cm x D 15cm

Liter: There are several versions relating the life and especially the death of the hunter Orion. This scene corresponds to the story where Orion and Artemis were accustomed to hunt together. One day Orion, who was in love with the goddess, tried to kiss her. Artemis indignantly summoned a scorpion in order to sting the giant. Seeing him die, Artemis, moved, transformed Orion in a constellation, and reserved the same fate to the scorpion that had faithfully served her. Orion and Scorpio will never meet again; Orion rises in the eastern horizon and the Scorpion sets in the western horizon.

Out of stock

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