Rare porcelain set with city views, Jacquet and Nédonchelle in Brussels


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Museum quality “breakfast” set in porcelain with fantastic views over Brussels and Leuven. The set is composed by a coffee can, a milk jug, and a sugar bowl with matching serving tray. All, decorated in Brussels by the workshop of Maximilien- Joseph Jacquet and Louis Nédonchelle between 1834 and 1839. Lovely black markings on the bottom of each piece locating the view. Signed on the tray with the view over the townhall of Leuven. The rest of the piece show views of the Grand-Place, the Royal Square, the Royal theater and parc. Some areas are regilded.

Size: tray 28,5 cm x 28,5 cm – Height of the coffee can 13,5 cm

Lit: Jacquet had been trained by Frédéric Faber in the Ixelles manufactory in Brussels before Faber and Windisch split. He was a genius painter of landscapes, flowers, and birds. Experts believe he is the hand behind the fabulous service with birds after Buffon of the royal palace of Brussels. In 1832, he becomes an independent decorator on porcelain.  Soon, in 1834, Louis Nédonchelle who also worked for Faber, will join him and they will establish their workshop at the 52 rue de la Madeleine in Brussels. In 1835, at the national industrial exhibition, they will represent a set of vases with views of the townhall of Leuven (like on our tray) and views over the cathedral Saints-Michel-and-Gudule in Brussels. Those themes were already successful in the 1820 under Faber. Unfortunately, Louis dies in 1839. Jacquet will continue on his own. At the end of his life, Vermeren-Coché, owners of the manufactory of Ixelles II, will take over. Jacquet dies in 1870.


Out of stock

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