Round pink and gold basket held by angels, Brussels porcelain

(Circa 1825-1830)

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Beautiful openworked fruit basket held by white biscuit angels on a rare triangle foot. Pink ground and golden decrortions. Refined whites, pure empire style. Great condition.

Dim: H 28cm x W 24cm 

Manufactory of Ixelles I of Frédéric Faber and Charles Christophe Windish.

Lit: Frédéric Faber and Charles Christophe Windish associated their know-hows and created the Manufactory of XL I in 1824. Windish was a fantastic porcelain designer and maker. Faber was a genius painter on porcelain. Their collaboration will enable Brussels to compete with the best manufacturers in Europe by selling very high quality porcelain. In 1825, Faber becomes the official royal manufactory for King Willem 1st of the Netherlands. In 1829, he gets the order of what will be the most significant work of his career: A  plates service of more than 650 pieces, decorated with birds “au naturel” after Buffon. 1830, Belgium gets its independence, Windisch and Faber will split roads. Faber’s porcelain own by the Palace will become property of the 1st King of Belgium, Leopold the 1st. Around 1835, Faber’s sons, Henri and Edouard, will take over the manufacture and work in the spirit of their father until 1849, year in which J.B. Cappellemans, owner of the Halle manufactory, will buy them over.

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