“L’escholier” by PICAULT Emile Louis


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Beautiful bronze untitled “L’Escholier” with brown patina. A “Escholier” was a medieval student, specialised in Law and Theology. He is confident and charismatic, he looks side ways, his outfit inspired by troubadour art. Under the right arm, he holds a big book titled “Biblia”; at the waist he carries a sword and an inkwell. His index holds a lantern. Signed on the terrace.

Size: H 82cm (32 inch 1/4)

French School, circa 1865.

A smaller bronze version is in the collections of the National Museum of Education in Rouen, France.

Lit: Picault, prolific sculptor has been very successful with his allegories, patriotic subjects and other heroic figures. He presented his works regularly at the Salon from 1863. He used many different foundries for casting his sculptures, all of which were exhibited as bronzes, many being cast by Susse Freres, Houdebine, and Colin.  Bronzes by Picault feature in the collections of the Museum of Chambery, ‘Le Semur d’Ides’; The Museum of Clemont Ferrard, ‘Hebe’ and The Museum of Mauberge, ‘Le Devoir’.

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