Pair of bronze busts, Jean Garnier

(Mouzeuil 1853-Vers 1910)

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Pair of beautiful bronze busts of men representing the Stone Age and the Iron Age. Their attributes represent their eras, primitive for the Stone Age, metalwork for the Iron Age. Signed on the bases.

Size: H 15 cm

French school of the second part of the 19th century.

Lit: Jean Garnier (1853 – 1910) was a French sculptor and chiseler. Garnier participated regularly in the Salon from 1883 to 1905 with statuettes in different materials. Of note is “Nymph Singing”, terracotta in 1892, “Reverie”, plaster in 1893 and a marble version the following year. “Oh! the frog” in wax in 1894. “The Coral” in pewter in 1897. He also created objects, vases and cups in metal, pewter, or silver, often in the spirit of Art Nouveau.

Out of stock

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