Set of Six openworked plates, Brussels’ porcelaine

First part of the 20th century

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Lovely set of six open-worked plates, decorated with flower bouquets. Gold and azure bleu ground on the open-worked rims between three flower bouquets.

Size: diameter of 23cm

Brussels’ porcelaine, Ixelles manufactory, period Demeuldre, first part of the 20th century.

Lit: Charles Christophe Windisch associated his know-hows with Frédéric Faber and creates the Manufactory of XL I in 1824. Windisch was fantastic porcelain designer and technician. From French origins, he already had worked with the best Parisian manufactories. They went separate ways in 1830, date of the Belgian Independency. Windisch set up his own business, thus founding the second porcelain factory in Ixelles, Ixelles II. In 1842, Michel Antoine Caillet will take over the manufactory until 1852. It is at that time, that the Vermeren-Coché family will take over and the heir will passionately run it until 1953.

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