Terra cotta “Mignon”, Alphonse Brault, Choisy-le-Roi

(circa 1880)


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Large terracotta of a young girl with a mandolin, titled “Mignon”. Bears the mark of the Brault manufactory in Choisy-le-Roi in France which is rare.

Size: H 86cm 

Circa 1880.

lit: The Brault and Gilardoni factory in Choisy-le-Roi was founded by François Garnaud in 1844. It was specialised in architectural ceramics, facade decorations and false stone roofs. In 1871 Alphonse Brault took over the manufacture, adding his speciality, red terracotta, to the existing models. In 1880 Alphonse Brault added statuary to the building decoration and joined forces with Xavier Antoine Gilardoni. Their works do not often bear the brand name of the factory.

In stock

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