(Waasmunter 1860 - 1925)

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Seascape of fishermen on small boats working at their nets. Subtle scene, expressing simplicity with nevertheless elaborated impressionist brushstroke technique. It reflects the influence of “Japonisme” during the late 19th century. Signed lower right. Dedicated on the back by the artist and dated 1885. Oil on panel with original frame.

Size: H 33cm x W 41cm / H 70cm x W 60cm

Belgian School of the late 19th century.

Lit:  Van Damme is a seascape and river landscapes painter. He was a pupil in Waasmunster, then at the Academy of Sint-Nicolas.In 1894, he will move back in Waasmunster. He will also live in Antwerp and Brussels (1915). Member of the Artistic circle of Laeken. From 1903, he regularly exhibits at the Salon des Artistes français in Paris. In the spirit of the School of painting of Termonde, his palette is dominated by grey colours and thick paint. He will also be a professor at the academies of Brussels and Antwerp.

Out of stock

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